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Services and Fees - Script Consulting



(beyond coverage for the new and seasoned writer)

You can go beyond the coverage level by receiving script notes, which is an even more detailed, penetrating, and expansive assessment of your screenplay that will assist you in your next draft.  This is where I use my experience as a story analyst / script consultant /script advisor and screenwriter to spot what adjustments concerning pace, tone, tension, structure, story arc, character development, dialogue, description/action, script formatting and any other elements that are necessary for your screenplay to be seriously considered for purchase.  (See sample.  See another sample)

(specific writing suggestions for the new and seasoned screenwriter)

If you want to receive specific screenwriting suggestions that include description/action and dialogue (which you are welcome to use and claim authorship of), your script can immediately take on that professional polish that agents and studios look for.  (See sample)

Services and Fees

Every Script Is Different

*Because your script, whether it be for a feature film, a short, teleplay, a sitcom, drama, comedy, etc., will have unique requirements that cover a wide spectrum of assistance (a polish all the way to an extensive rewrite), you can send me email me and let me know what level of assistance you need.

My Basic Services and fees

PAGE-BY-PAGE SCRIPT NOTES  Comprehensive notes and specific suggestions that guide you towards your next draft. $500 


Four Levels of Assisted Screenplay Rewriting:

1. Formatting, description, editing, proofing
I move through your script and raise it to a studio-level, improving formatting, description, and proof and edit it, giving it a more professional look.
This will make it a much smoother, easier read that a producer could purchase in order to develop it.

2. Scene Work
Including the above service, while staying with the story as is, I  improve the scenes, including the dialogue, instilling them with more vitality, dramatic import, and make them more cinematic (as though the reader was seeing the movie in his imagination while reading through the script).

3. Adjusting story
Including both services above, I can help the script follow a screenplay structure by coming up with additional scenes and adjustments to the story (all according to your approval).  I already have some ideas on how to give it the necessary three-act structure, following the typical screenplay structure that is necessary. 

4. Extensive Rewrite
Including all the work above, I can, with your approval, deepen the storyline and the characters and extend and deepen the story so it will be a fully developed screenplay that a producer can buy and shoot without needing to develop further or do any rewriting.

Your screenplay formatted according to current standards.  $300 

IDEA TO SCRIPT  Personal guidance and consultation in translating a story idea into a screenplay by telephone consultation 

ADAPTATION OF YOUR NOVEL TO A SCREENPLAY  Step-by-step guidance, consultation, and writing of a screenplay of your novel.

Payment Procedure

E-mail Script Advisor to indicate your specific needs regarding your script and your intended method of payment.  You're welcome to pay through PayPal or send a check.  You can use PayPal to pay via all major credit cards as well as a bank transfer.

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