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Links For Screenwriters

Updated:  April 18, 2022- Below you will find some links to websites helpful to Screenwriters. 

Reference Links For Screenwriters

Variety Online - A significant entertainment industry publication
Internet Movie Data Base: IMDB - A vast repository of film-related information
The Hollywood Reporter - A significant entertainment industry publication
Writers Guild of America East - WGA union for screenwriters
Writers Guild of America West - Scripts can be registered with both WGA sites                     

Resource Sites For Screenwriters

AssistantDirectors.com - Your Gateway To Film Production
Author-Network.com - Numerous outstanding resources for writers
Done Deal @ ScriptSales.com - Lots of great resources for screenwriters
FilmMakers.com - The Art and ShowBiz of Film Making
InkTip.com - where screenwriters can sell their scripts to producers.
Script Magazine - Articles about  screenwriting and by current screenwriters
Scriptpipeline.com - Screenwriting competitions, workshops, interviews
Scripts-onscreen.com - comprehensive database of over 8,000 films SimplyScripts.com - Free movie scripts and screenplays  ... and much more
Octane Seating - a helpful film terminology guide   

Film Careers 

Overview - arts/humanities careers in film  

Undergraduate Film Studies - undergraduate film degree programs 

Graduate Film Studies - masters degree in film programs                                

Screenwriting Publications & Software

Final Draft - Screenplay formatting software
Screenplay.com - Screenplay formatting software
Movieoutline.com - Screenplay Outlining Software
Scriptware - Screenplay formatting software

Writer's Blocks 3 - Story development software

savethecat.com  Screenwriting method created by Blake Snyder

Useful Internet Directories for Screenwriters

Seekon.com - Writing directory

Internet Movie Script Data Base - Movie scripts free for reading and downloading 

Helpful Sites For Screenwriters

Creativescreenwriting.com - screenwriting craft  







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