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Updated Oct 20, 2017

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A site where you, the screenwriter, can find professional assistance and screenwriting help for your screenplay by an experienced and supportive script consultant, story analyst, script advisor and screenwriter.

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Script Advisor...

My intention and pleasure is to use my skills as a story analyst / script consultant (formerly with Hearst Entertainment and other production companies) and screenwriter to assist you, the screenwriter, to have the best screenplay possible.

If you have written a screenplay that you believe, with assistance from a script professional, could be a successful film, then feel free to E-MAIL me about it and we can "talk" it over.

Please feel free to look around.  This site is for you, the screenwriter, to pick up valuable information and screenwriting help that will assist you in improving your screenplayHere, you can find many samples of my script consulting work for producers and screenwriters like yourself and an e-mail section where I've addressed many screenwriting issues (usually with a humorous viewpoint).

Please be advised that Script Advisor is not a typical "coverage corner" website (although I'm happy to provide you extensive page-to-page development notes), and I'm not here to just give you some report on your script and wish you well with it.  Instead, my goal is to do all I can to give it the best chance to garner interest from producers and sell as quickly as possible.

Have you been "burned" (either financially or creatively) by a so-called script reader who has flagrantly disregarded your feelings by submitting to you an amateurish, unsubstantiated, prosaic, short-sighted, and possibly even vindictive report on your script?  If that be the unfortunate case, feel free to contact me if you'd like a re-analysis of your work, one which will aid you in improving your script while supporting and encouraging your screenwriting talent.

My Intention...

My main forte and passion as a script consultant/story analyst and screenwriter is to help you rewrite your script in whatever way it needs to bring it to a "studio-level," what I call "page-turner" level.  Often a script simply requires some change in structure or some dialogue enhancement or a storyline adjustment or alterations of formatting, editing, description, theme-focusing, etc., that will help develop it to the point where a producer can readily give that much-desired "greenlight".

I'm a screenwriter, myself, and understand how important it is to get everything just right on the page.  And that's what I'm here to help you do.

Feel free to E-MAIL me with any question about screenwriting and/or the business of screenwriting.  I choose e-mail questions and post them (if the writer so chooses) with my replies.  You can find all the previous e-mail questions and answers HERE

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Script consultant, script advisor, story analyst, script doctor, screenplay advisor, script  mentor, screenrewriter:  All names for the thorough screenwriting and script consulting assistance you, the screenwriter, will receive here from a dedicated, professional script consultant / story analyst / script advisor / screenrewriter.

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