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Why script consulting can help you sell your screenplay:





Overworked and underpaid READERS toil at their respective desks that are piled with stacks of scripts (maybe yours) as they GRUMBLE while tearing through scripts, searching for the first mistake so they can toss them into nearby wastebaskets, which are filled with rejected screenplays.

I know this isnít a pretty picture, which is exaggerated, but thatís because I want to get my point across:  Itís not always easy to sell a script Ė even if itís basically a good one.  Unfortunately, even though you hear about studios and producers looking for scripts, they donít give screenwriters much leeway for errors.  Script readers are actually told that only a few scripts should be recommended and that most should receive a ďpass.Ē  Development execs are trained to say ďno.Ē  Truth is you usually get one chance with producers Ė and, with this chance, you want to give them every possible reason to seriously consider purchasing your screenplay.


A professional script consultant and story analyst can assist you in enhancing your screenplay so that it has the very best opportunity to be selected as being a viably commercial property that can readily be translated to the screen (big and/or small).  Thatís where I come in, using my experience as a screenwriter, script consultant, and story analyst to help you improve your script so that...





One of the READERS turns the last page of a script (yours), his face aglow.  He raises your script above him as if in a victory salute.


                   READER #1

              Found one!


All the other readers turn from their scripts towards reader #1 and break into APPLAUSE and CHEERS.  TRIUMPHANT MUSIC plays as the sun suddenly cascades through the windows.  An ANGELIC CHOIR can be heard as...

A little over-the-top, but you get the picture.  I do have a tendency to wax dramatic, but, what the hey?!-- Iím a screenwriter.  Like you.  You who likes to tell stories in a visual and auditory way, the way of filmmaking.  I want to help you put your unique story on paper so that it translates smoothly into the film medium.  And in a manner that will support you in enjoying every step of the journey towards your screenwriting goals.

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