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This week's question

I respond quickly to a producer when he wants something, but he takes so long to get back to me and sometimes he never does. It's so frustrating. Do you have any advice?


This week's Answer: 

Getting Back to Getting Back to You

Yes. The problem is that you've inadvertently let him know that not getting back to you in a timely manner or never getting back to you is somehow okay with you because you've developed that pattern with him (and he's probably unaware of it as much as you have been). 

So, your mission (if you wish you except it, Mr. Phelps) is to change the pattern. And here's a simple way to do it:

Write him an email, telling him that one of your screenplays is seriously being looked at by a top producer with the investment money is already in place and all he needs is another producer to come in on the deal to take on some simple producer tasks that he doesn't have the time to do. You mention in the email that distribution has already been setup and the second producer will make a minimum of $100,000. You let him know that you thought he would be interested in being this second producer.

Then notice how quickly you get a reply from him. Voila! Pattern changed.

Of course, he's going to say yes, he's in as the second producer. Then don't reply to him. He'll send another email very soon, reminding you of his interest in the project. You still don't reply to him. After his third email, you reply with seven words.

"Sorry. Didn't hear from you in time." 

From then on, he'll be responding to you quickly.

But just in case he took your email in the wrong way...

I wouldn't give him your home address.

Doug Herman

Script Advisor


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