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This week's question

I was thinking about using a psychic to tell me which screenplay idea I should work on next. What do you think?


This week's Answer: 

You Must Be Psychic!

I think that's a very creative idea, using a psychic.  Maybe you'll go to one who uses the Screenwriter's Tarot deck so that she can do a spread and discover what screenplay idea is best for you to work on next.  Or she might do an angel reading because one of your angels might have been a screenwriter in a past life.  Or maybe she'll just look into a crystal ball and see your future and what screenplay turned out to be the best idea.  Just be careful that your psychic's official name doesn't have a "Productions" at the end of it.

Or you may find your best idea in a future movie that you didn't write.

Doug Herman

Script Advisor


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