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This week's question: 

I've never sold a screenplay and I've really tried to, so I'm thinking about giving up my dream and stop screenwriting.


This week's Answer: 

Whose Dream is it, Anyway?

I appreciate your candor, Anonymous.  Since that's your name (which is truly amazing), have you thought about starting a 12-step meeting: DSA, Depressed Screenwriters Anonymous, Anonymous?

Here's a truth that you may not like to read, but here it is, anyway:

If your dream is to sell a screenplay, become an agent.

If you dream is to write screenplays, write screenplays.

It's almost Zen-like, don't you think?  Was that too harsh?  It's not meant to be.  It's meant to be clarifying.  The sunshine of reality can be a little hard on the eyes when you're just coming out of the dark.  At first.  But the eyes adjust and then the terrain can be quite lovely.  And it's good to know where the cliff ends and the quicksand begins. 

And never give up on your dream.  

Just know what your dream truly is.

I hope my words have both educated and inspired you, Grasshopper.

Now I really must get to my DSA meeting.

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