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This week's question: 

Do you think I should work on a horror script even though I don't like horror films?


This week's Answer: 

A new genre:  "Horrorible" Films

That's an excellent question, Mr. H. (if I may be so bold as to call you that).  So you don't like...

Horror Movies!!

I was just testing you.  Hopefully, you didn't reel back in your seat with eyes bugging out and you didn't start breathing heavily and get all agitated and fearful.  I'm sure you didn't.  But, if anybody else fell out of his or her chair, I'll wait a few seconds for you to sit back down........................................................................ Okay, I think that should do it.

It's not an easy task to write in a genre that you don't care for (or that doesn't care for you.  For example:  goofy beer-fest flicks and I don't get along all that well, so we have a mutual agreement:  I don't write them and they don't throw up on me.)

Writing a screenplay is a long haul, no matter how you figure it and you better like the journey from FADE IN: to FADE OUT.  (Wouldn't it be something if there really were some small towns named, "Fade In" and "Fade Out"?)

There must be other genres that you like better and ones that you'd prefer to writing in rather than horror.  The choices are multifarious (sometimes I throw in a big word to remind everybody that I'm an important writer):  romantic comedy, comedy, drama, dramedy, comedrama (I just made that up -- but not to horrify you), coming-of-age (although... some of those kids' faces with acne can be quite horrifying), Westerns, easterns (made that up, too), period pieces, capers (and caviar -- not really), bank robberies, heists, detective scripts, mysteries, tragedies, tragic comedies.  (like some of the ones they foist on us during the holidays.  Maybe they should be called "tragic holiday attempts at comedies."  But I'm not naming names.... Santa.  Or characters in films that attempt to play Santa.)  There are war movies, anti-war movies, "always end up in Iraq so we'll overflow with patriotism and pity for the soldiers there" movies, and "let's try to be really funny and use little people and have at least three gross scenes where somebody either throws up -- for us all to see -- or something happens to them in a bathroom" movies.  You know, come to think of it...

Maybe you should just write horrors.

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