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This week's question: 

All these script consultants and producers and agents have such different POVs about what makes a bad script.  Do you have one?


This week's answer: 

Vertical "Glibbing"

Gary, thanks for the letter.  Actually, I haven't had a pov for a very long time.  I think I've allergic to povs.  Especially in the springtime.  

What bothers me the most about many current scripts written by current screenwriters is how glibly many of them are written by glib current screenwriters.  Many screenwriters put a few "clever" words down, then leave a lot of white space and then put a few more words down, believing they are correctly vertical stacking, and expect the reader to know what is happening without really delineating clearly exactly what is actually happening.  Or what characters are feeling or how they are reacting.  It's a superficial and lazy way of writing, and, unfortunately, it's showing up more and more in scripts.  There's a remarkable lack of emotional depth in many of them.  It's as though these screenwriters think it's too below them to deal with emotions and leave that to us, the readers or eventual viewers.  I find that kind of writing the kind of writing I'd prefer to find as little as possible.

So, in case any of these types of screenwriters are reading this, my advice to you is as follows:

Write with depth.

Good depth.

Let us know what characters are going through.

And don't use vertical 

stacking as an 

excuse to not write 



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