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This week's question: 

Do you think it's  a good idea to write even when I'm sick?

Celia from Utah

This week's answer: 

"Sick and Writing"

Celia, it's not usually easy to write when one is sick, especially if one happens to be lying in bed.  Although, laptops come in handy when one is in such a state.  But the mind.  That's what's important.  And I've found that when I've been sick, the mind is quite foggy.  Cloudy.  Sort of like London a lot of the time.  Or San Francisco.  Or maybe on highlands in Scotland.  See what I mean?  I happen to be getting over a cold, coincidentally, and my mind is a bit "fogged in" at the moment.  Sort of like an airport.  An airport in San Francisco or London (is there an airport in London?) or maybe Scotland  (is there a highlands airport?).  There's that fog I was talking about.

Of course, if you have the urge to write even though you're not at the top of your game, I say, "By all means, have at it."  Go for the gusto.  Go for your laptop.  Or PC.  Or paper and pen.  (Some screenwriters still write that way, by the way -- and that's no "foggy statement.")  If you mind is sharp enough, I say, "Write."  And even if there's a little fog here and there, write!  Even if the fog is as thick as... thick fog... and you can't see your hand in front of your face, but you can still see the keyboard, write, auteur.  Write, write, write, write.  But, if you do, always remember the most important rule:  

Don't turn on your high beams.


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