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This week's question: 

Now that the strike is over, should I write even more?


This week's answer: 

Writing the Right Way

Dana, that's a good idea.  Now that WGA has approved its new contract with producers, they're obviously going to be looking for screenwriters who are writing even more.  I wouldn't stop there, though.  If I were you (and, if I were, I'd probably be writing more very soon.  Wait.  That's a good idea.  Not only write more, but, also, write soon), I would not only write more and (considering what's in the preceding parenthesis -- and not this parenthesis), write soon, but I'd also write more often.  Okay, so let's see what've we've got so far:  

1.  Write more.

2.  Write soon.

3.  Write more often.

But, ah, there's where we run into a little quanundrum (which I think is a word that originated in Medieval times when nuns played drums before priests took them away way from them.).  Write more often than what?  More often than we did before?  And was that "before writing" when we were writing more or hadn't we started writing more?  And was that "before writing" done sooner or later?

Now, let's see... Since the strike is over, how else could we write.  Hmmmmm.  Let's think about that....  Oh.  I've got it.  Maybe we should...

Write now..


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