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This week's question: 

Dch, Iím sick (physically) but I feel the pressure of getting this script out but can barely see straight.  Do you think I should keep writing even though I donít feel well?

Robert O.

This week's answer: 

Screenwriting from the Home Row

Even though it can be challenging to write while one is less than a hundred percent, there are some pluses about "writing sick" that you may have overlooked, Robert.    You mentioned that you can barely see straight.  Now that can work to your advantage.  You donít have to be concerned with your vision, since its most likely blurred or even doubled, so you can concentrate on your other senses such as hearing (listening to your spoken or inner dialogue or...

that incessant phone ringing which youíre contemplating throwing out the window (the closed one)!

Or the sound of that loud beating that keeps thumping and thumping and is driving you bonkers as you almost go insane, trying know where itís coming from and finally realizing that itís coming from... from you... from inside of you... because itís YOUR HEART BEATING!  Ahhhhhh!

  (Hey, I just thought of another brilliant horror script:)


It just wouldnt' stop.

Or how about the sense of touch, feeling the keys under your finger tips like a blind man sensing the Braille markings, pounding (or clacking out) your next masterpiece, not needing to see the typed version of it on the screen.  (Of course, as we learned in typing class, if your fingers happen to be not perfectly placed on home row, your screenplay could look something like this:

(fingers perfectly placed on home row)



(fingers imperfectly placed on home row:)

Ks,rd es;ld s;pmh eoyjpiy yjr d;ohjyrdy vpmvrtm gpt jod dsgryu.

(The intended words were:  ďJames walks along without the slightest concern for his safety.Ē

Now that I come to think of it, you might want to wait until youíre feeling better before resuming your screenwriting.  Hey, that gives me still another idea for a horror script:


Just when you thought it was safe again to go back in the office.


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