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This week's question: 

DcH, I just saw ďRent.Ē  Donít you agree with me that there are too many songs in it?

Mark from Jersey

This week's Answer: 

A Little Art Goes A Long Way

Yes, Mark, I do.  Itís like the king told Mozart in his movie:  ďToo many notes.Ē  What was the screenwriter thinking!  Itís like he thought he was writing a musical or something.  Oh, wait.  ďRentĒ IS a musical.  But does a musical have to have song after song in it?  Actually, now that I think of it, thatís what a musical has.  Songs.  So I guess itís okay to have songs in one.  Unless, Mark, you still disagree and want to come up with something else to put in musicals other than songs.  And music.  And why not take out all that dancing while you're at it?  

But you still may have a good point here.  Many artists and creators definitely go overboard, and get all extreme and limited in their conceptions.  I mean, donít you agree that a mime should talk at least once in a while?  And why do painters have to always use so much color?  Whatís wrong with good olí black and white?  And how come sculptors always have to chisel away perfectly good marble and rock?  As far as I see it, thatís just a waste of perfectly good marble and rock.  And, come to think of it, couldnít ballet dancers get off their toes once in a while?  And conductors.  Could they just stop waving those stupid sticks all the time?  And somebody stop those photographers from taking picture after picture.  And poets and novelists just keep writing line after line.  Come on!  Enough already!  And screenwriters just keep coming up with brilliant stories and writing scripts and more scripts.  Why canít they just stop with all these screenplays so we script consultants and story analysts can have more time to...

 ... go to the movies?   



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