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This week's question: 

I can't believe that "B" Movie movie got made, DCH.  Did you dislike the script as much as I did?

Ariana from Iowa

This week's answer: 

"Bee-ing" Real

I'm not sure exactly how much you disliked the film, Ariana, but I was not exceptionally fond of the script, I must say.  (Well, I don't really have to say, but I wanted to, so I did.)  Even though, the overall story was fine (although not as impacting as other animation scripts such as "Meet the Robinsons," to name one), the screenplay seemed inordinately forced, as though the writer or writers didn't trust the (the very creative and original) world of the bee and the story that transpires within it, which caused them (not the bees, the writers) to "bee" forced, trying so hard to "bee" funny, which, I "bee"lieve, in a sense, even influenced the voiceover actors to "bee" uncomfortable with their lines and "bee"come forced, themselves, thereby making the entire presentation come across as "bee"-ing forced.  But, "bee" that as it may... 

I must say the movie sure did get a lot of "buzz." 


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