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This week's question: 

DcH, I think I could write more and know that some writers have schedules for writing.  Do you think that's a good idea?


This week's answer: 

The Discipline of Writing a Schedule about Not Writing

Grant, schedules can definitely help, but it depends on what the schedule is.  For example, the following schedule might not work as well as some others:


MONDAY        Get up early and write until breakfast, then think about writing for the rest of the day, then write for ten minutes before bed.

TUESDAY        Get up early and write for a half hour, then rest before breakfast, then think about not getting writer's block for the rest of the day, then write for twelve minutes about not getting writer's block before bed.

WEDNESDAY  Get up half an hour than my usual time and write for three quarters of an hour and use the extra fifteen minutes to write about how it felt to write more that morning, then rest from writing for the rest of the day, then, before going to bed, write for one special writing minute, then go to bed.

THURSDAY      Learn and initiate the discipline of not writing at all all day, then don't write again before bed.

FRIDAY            Go out and have a good time, but always keep in mind that I'm not writing and plan on doing that tomorrow, then go to bed and dream about writing.

SATURDAY      See and socialize with friends all and night, talking about writing and how much I like being a writer and am looking forward to being a successful one who writes all the time, then come home and go to bed.

SUNDAY          This is the seventh day and, since God rested on this day, he wants me to rest and not write, so I don't all day, then pray about being a writer who writes, then go to bed, peaceful with the thought that I obeyed God and didn't write one word.


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