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This week's question: 

DcH, the strike is in the second week already.  Should I go down their and picket or should I keep writing?


This week's answer: 

Writing Outside the Box

John, that's a good question.  I assume you're referring to the WGA strike (and that you really don't want to "go down their."  If you do, my question would be, "go down their what?"  You could definitely go down there (wherever "there" may happen to be) and picket.  I'm sure the guild members walking in front of a studio would gladly welcome you and appreciate your support.  But I'm not sure your thinking has to be of the "either/or" variety, thereby thinking from a duality point of view (as the duality philosophers would most definitely point out.  Twice.)  

Instead, I'd urge you to think outside the box.  I never did know exactly what box that those who want to think outside of it really is.  (That last sentence is an "out of the box" kind of one.)   And who wants to think in a box, anyway?  What a place to think in?  I'd be so claustrophobic in the box that I probably wouldn't do any thinking whatsoever.  

What I mean is, why couldn't you move from duality to unity?  (I hear Unity is much nicer than Duality, and has less crime and better schools.)  How about going down "there" and picketing AND keep writing?  You could strap your laptop on the back of the picketer in front of you (I'm sure he or she won't mind) and, while you carry a sign with one hand and type with the other (just don't IM anybody or they'll think you're "cybering.")

Hey, if you have Wi-Fi, you could even go on the Internet and find a news site that is covering the strike where you are and showing the other picketers and you as you picket and... look at the news site on your laptop showing you looking at the news site.

How's that for thinking outside the box?


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