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This week's question: 

Your words are so helpful (and funny), DcH.  Being a screenwriter who needs all the help I can get, I read you every week.  Have you ever thought of writing a book like Julia Cameron and call it "The Screenwriter's Way"?

Shady in Texas

This week's answer: 

"Way" Books

Shady, your words are so encouraging.  Do you have sisters or brothers or any relatives like you that could also write to me to help me keep up my confidence?  If not and you are an only child, that's okay.  (But, as soon as you have a family of your own, please show them how to write e-mails as soon as possible -- and, as soon as they can read, please direct them to my website.)

Actually -- and I kid you not -- I have thought about that very title and thought about me writing it.  I appreciate Julia Cameron's book, "The Artist's Way," having resisted it initially, then eventually embraced it fully (twice, reading the book and being involved with an "Artist group and doing  the tasks included, also.  Twice.)  I think screenwriters could enjoy a self-motivating book entitled "The Screenwriter's Way."  Although, Julia or her "people" might get the idea of suing me if I use that title.  But I don't think it's legal to sue over a title.  Hey.  I could write about that in another book.

"The Suer's Way." 


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