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Updated every Monday, one selected e-mail will be posted and answered here each week. With many years of experience in the film and television business, I look forward to providing answers to your questions (often with a humorous eye) about screenwriting or the entertainment industry in general.  Please send your e-mailed questions to: Script Advisor.  You may also wish to visit our Screenwriting Help E-Mails - The Archives.

This week's question: 

DcH, you always give such great advice.  Do you need any now?

Winter H. from Oklahoma

This week's answer: 

An Underhanded Question?

Winter, are you perchance trying to tell me that I need advice?  Is that what you're telling me?  Or are you being sarcastic and are really saying that my advice is not so good, after all.  That I'm the one who needs the advice in order to give good advice, which apparently you don't think I give.  Well, let me tell you, Winter (I think your parents should have called you "Avalanche" because you've really come down on me hard and I may need a Saint Bernard to find me buried in all this criticism).   I've worked hard for over three and a half years trying to help screenwriters improve their screenplays, supporting them every step of the way.  And what do I get for all my troubles?  Snide comments like yours that try to undermine the very screenplay fabric upon which our United States of Movies was founded.  I'm an MP (Movie Patriot), which is more than I can apparently call you. (Cue the fife and drums.) If it wasn't script consultants like me, you all wouldn't feel so comfortable when you went to a movie theatre or bought or rented a DVD at your local Blockbuster.  Who do you think is at the frontlines, supporting the screenwriters, making sure they survive the onslaughts from roving producers and uninterested agents?  We are.  The script consultants.  But you don't want to think about that, all of you sitting home, watching your DVD's and DVR's, don't want to give a thought about us and how we sacrifice for the good of--

Oh.  Wait a second.  I just read your question again, Winter.  That wasn't a jab; it was a compliment.  My bad.  And a sincere question about whether or not I could use some advice. Well... I guess... 

I could use some about how not to get so carried away around the Fourth.


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