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This week's question: 

How do you find the time to write  e-mails every week and still do script consulting AND write screenplays?  I never seem to have enough time to write.

Katrina in a cold state

This week's answer: 

Time to Write

Katrina, when you say you're in a cold state, are you referring to your emotional condition or being in one of the actual states of this country that is presently experiencing low temperatures?  That's a wonderful question you asked, one that perplexes many a writer.  Why, there are workshops that people pay beaucoup bucks to attend that deal with that very issue.  (My question is "Why do so many writers spend all that money and time to find out how to have more time to write when they could be using that time to actually write?  Maybe I'll go to a workshop to find that out.)  

There's this theory that time expands when you're doing what you love to do.  (Does that mean it contracts when you have to pay bills?)  Another way of putting it is that if your passion is to write, you'll find the time.  Or the time to write will find you.  Or you'll find each other.  It's like a romantic comedy with you and your love interest being time to write.  As in a romantic comedy, no matter what the obstacles may appear to be between the two of you, somehow by the sheer power of the law of attraction.  (I hope "The Secret" hasn't trademarked "the law of attraction" and won't sue me for using it -- even though it's an ancient phrase and concept that has been handed down from generation to generation by adepts in the field of esoteric, sacred knowledge.  Hey, maybe the sages could materialize and come back for a little while so they could sue "The Secret" for using the phrase.  Then there would be another law:  the law of law suits.)  

You'll find the time to write if you really want to write.  "But I have three kids and I work two jobs and I'm exhausted when I get home, especially after traveling sixty miles to deliver 'Meals on Wheels'" you say.  Well, couldn't you write on a clipboard at red lights?  See?  Or maybe, when you're trying to get in enough hours of slumber, you could dream your screenplay and write it down when you wake up before you get your three children to school.  There's no place for excuses not to write.  Yoda said it so well in... one of those "Star Wars" versions...

                 Write or don't write.  There's no trying in writing screenplays.  Only writing.

Just look at me (well, not too closely):  If  I can consult with clients, write a weekly column, and find the time to also write screenplays, then you can also find a way to write.  I have one more thing I want to add before I sign off, but...

I don't have the time.

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