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Updated every Monday, one selected e-mail will be posted and answered here each week. With many years of experience in the film and television business, I look forward to providing answers to your questions (often with a humorous eye) about screenwriting or the entertainment industry in general.  Please send your e-mailed questions to: Script Advisor.  You may also wish to visit our Screenwriting Help E-Mails - The Archives.

This week's question: 

DcH, I just noticed how long you've been writing these e-mails and drawing your cartoons.  It looks like over THREE YEARS!  That's amazing!  How do you keep coming up with ideas for such a long time?  Don't you ever get tired of writing and e-mail and drawing a cartoon every week?

Impressed from Colorado

This week's answer: 

An Unimpressive Message

Don't be impressed, Impressed.  Okay (ah shucks), go ahead and be impressed.  (I'll stop blushing soon).  It has been a while, hasn't it, since I started this website and decided to have weekly submissions for my readers (or reader) (or the visiting bots).  I really appreciate you mentioning that I've been at this for over three years.  

Over Three Years!  What the *%@* am I doing!?

I think I might make that a title of a movie, borrowing from "What the (bleep) do we know?"  But, seriously, folks... What the *&*+$@% AM I doing?!  I should be out on the waves hanging ten (or is it twenty?  What the bleep do I know?")  On a side note, has anybody noticed how the question mark is disappearing.  I mean... "disappearing?"  Just land in some chat room (and not the kind where people actually physically talk to each other.  (I think that's disappearing, too.)  Here's a typical conversation (or, better, "uneduversation"):

Spineboy14 (you mean there's thirteen more?) hey

WinLoser435 (no comment) hey

Spineboy14 hey

WinLoser435 whazup

Spineboy14 jus kikin it

WinLoser435 kool (and Our Gang)

Spineboy14 kool so how r u

WinLoser435 chillin (I guess that would explain the "cool" -- or "kool")

I think I completely diverted myself from your initial question, Impressed, to avoid embracing the fact inherent within it.  I'll try to answer that question now.  You never really know how long you're going to be doing a particular thing.  If I had known that I was going to be doing this three years or more from the time I began it, I think it would have seemed completely overwhelming and, in addition, impossible.  But I just did and do one week at a time.  (I think that might be a saying in AA for speed walkers.)  I think that famous, ancient Chinese adage (I'll put it in a fancy, italicized font so it looks ancient and famous) perfectly sums up what I'm trying to say:

The First Step of Writing E-columns and Drawing Cartoons for Over Three Years is to Tear Your Hair Out and Say "I Have No Idea why I'm doing this."

Now go carry water and chop wood.

That's all I'm saying, Impressed.  If you're having trouble and happen to be thinking that you can't put together a whole screenplay, that it looks too daunting, just remember that all you have to do is work on it one micro-second at a time.  And, when it feels like you're completely overwhelmed and spiraling down into an abyss of "uncreativity," just remember, that, no matter how things may look at the moment, everything, yes everything, is and always will be...


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