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This week's question: 

Do you have any tips about waiting to hear from a producer about my screenplay?


This week's answer: 

Waiting For "Scriptdot"

Antonia, the odd title above refers to a well-known play entitled "Waiting For Godot," in which two men wait for somebody called Godot, who never arrives.  Waiting for word from a producer reminds me of that play.  If you have the irrepressible urge to wait, I recommend buses, streetcars, in line, even tables.  But I do not recommend producers.  They are not a  species that was put on this earth to wait for.  If you must wait for a green light, I strongly suggest you do it on a street and not for the one that you may so desperately wanting from a producer.

One of the reasons for the above is that producers are waiting for their own green lights.  Or greenbacks, rather.  They need the go-ahead and financial backing from their investors or studios.  Or grandmothers.  Truth to tell, there are so many needed green lights for you to receive that contract, or, better yet, check, or better yet, check that clears, that you could, like many motorists today do every day, be waiting a long time for the light to change.

Continuing with the same metaphor, even if you do hear back from a producer with a green light for your project, just as it often is when you're in traffic, you still have to drive into the intersection very cautiously.  And watch out for those buses.  

Especially a bus full of producers.

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