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Updated every Monday, one selected e-mail will be posted and answered here each week. With many years of experience in the film and television business, I look forward to providing answers to your questions (often with a humorous eye) about screenwriting or the entertainment industry in general.  Please send your e-mailed questions to: Script Advisor.  You may also wish to visit our Screenwriting Help E-Mails - The Archives.

This week's question: 

DCH, I don't mean to be mean, but don't you just right your blog each week just to keep your rankings up at the search engines?

Bart S. 

This week's Answer: 

What Are Rankings?

Bart, the only reason I write these columns as a SCRIPT CONSULTANT / STORY ANALYST/ SCREENWRITER is for the good of the reader.  My only intention is to inspire and educate those who want the information pertaining to SCRIPT CONSULTING AND SCREENWRITING and I would never stoop so low as to use this format for self promotion as a SCRIPT CONSULTANT / STORY ANALYST/ SCREENWRITERI don't write blogs, Bart.  I distill and disseminate vital information to the SCREENWRITER.  Rankings never cross my mind.  For instance, I give no thought to


Absolutely never.

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