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Updated every Monday, one selected e-mail will be posted and answered here each week. With many years of experience in the film and television business, I look forward to providing answers to your questions (often with a humorous eye) about screenwriting or the entertainment industry in general.  Please send your e-mailed questions to: Script Advisor.  You may also wish to visit our Screenwriting Help E-Mails - The Archives.

This week's question: 

DcH, if I can speak for the rest of your fans, we've missed you.  I look forward to your e-week and have read you for years.  What happened?


This week's Answer: 


Chad, thanks for your kind note. The best way I can put it in movie terms is that my life morphed right before my eyes, manifesting a situation which left me unable to be on the Internet (or even get to my computer, for that matter).  There was upheaval, drama, courage shown by many, garnered strength to overcome difficult obstacles, disappointments, plot points, twists, and emotional catharsis and eventual relief (and that was just breakfast). Come to think of it, my recent transition could make a good screenplay.  I think a good title for it would be:



I'll assure you, Chad, and any others who have felt concern regarding my two-week absence, by stealing a line from a well-know film and saying without equivocation or doubt...

I'll be back

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