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This week's question: 

DcH, I'm glad you've been addressing this issue about finishing scripts.  I keep thinking mine is done, but then I discover there's more to do on it because I keep getting more ideas to improve it.  It feels like its endless.  I just want to finally finish it and get it to some producers who are waiting to read it.  Do you have anything that might help me?


This week's Answer: 

The Unfinished Finished Screenplay

Trent, thanks for contacting me and bringing up a subject that many writers must contend with, namely:  finishing a screenplay.  (Does your screenplay, by any chance,  happen to be titled, "Endless Screenplay"?  Just thought I'd ask.)  "Finally Finishing."  That's an exceptionally interesting phrase that you might want to look a little more closely at.  That actually may be the crux of your problem.  Trying to finish can truly drive you crazy.  I'm a big fan of seeing finishing a script as:

stopping writing for the time being on a screenplay that you may never touch or look at again or could completely rewrite it the next day, especially if somebody wants to pay you a lot of money to do so.  

There's no need to drive yourself crazy over trying to finish a script.  Even when you think you've finished a screenplay, once it's in the hands of a producer, he may come back to you and ask you to write a plethora of new scenes, cut others, and even possibly want you to only leave one section of your original screenplay that you agonized over for months, trying to "finally finish" it.  

And that section might be the "FADE IN:"

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