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This week's question: 

Nobody has ever bought any of my scripts, DcH.   Someoneís waiting to see another one that I havenít even begun.   Why even start another screenplay?


This week's Answer: 

Why Even Start When You Know All You're Going To Do Is Finish And Have To Start Again?

Gail, I think youíve come down with a case of FMSBHSOYS (Finished Many Screenplays But Havenít Sold One Yet Syndrome).  Itís not life-threatening.  But itís no fun, either.  Or youíre just generally depressed.  Hereís what you can do:


1.)  Stop depressing yourself about screenwriting (unless you want to write a screenplay about depression Ė which might uplift you)


2.)  Stop talking to people who wait to see screenplays you havenít written


3.)  Stop writing screenplays


4.) Start writing screenplays, but be sure to never  finish them so you won't ever get FMSBHSOYS


5.) Continue to write screenplays, submit them often, and stay as optimistic as possible.

Unless thatís too depressing.

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