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This week's question: 

How do you keep writing your column every week for so many years, DCH?  I'm glad when I can get to my writing three times a week.  How do you stay so consistent?  I know I'd be farther ahead in my screenwriting career if I could be as persistent as you.

Chrissie from Michigan

This week's Answer: 

Relaxed Persistence or Persistent Relaxation

Chrissie, I appreciate your e-mail and your appreciation of the fact that I'm been writing this column consistently for an extended time.  

It's about time somebody noticed!

(I'll be all right in a minute.  Just give me a minute.  Did you ever notice how small these letters look compared to the 36 point font just above it?  Must be one of those optical illusions.)

Persistence is paramount.  It's easy to be persistent when you feel like being persistent.  But when you DON'T feel in the mood to be persistent, that's when it comes in very handy to be persistent.  

Here's a hint on how to be persistent (assuming you want to be persistent about being persistent).  I know this may sound a bit airy-fairy (and I think fairies get a bad rap a lot of the time), a little "zen-ish," and  somewhat esoteric but:

Instead of struggling to be persistent, let persistence flow through you

I'm serious.  I have found that when I try to be persistent about my writing (or anything that requires persistence), there's a part of me that starts immediately resisting that idea.  Persistently.  So, instead of striving and struggling for persistence, I... relax and let it come.

And it always does.


Of course, you want to be persistent about being relaxed.

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