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This week's question: 

DcH, I've got so many treatments that I don't know which ones to do.  Do you have any advice?

Oliver H. 

This week's Answer: 

Treating The "Overly-treatmented"

Oliver, I'm glad you "reached out" for some support.  I guess it all depends on what kind of treatments you're referring to.  If they're electroshock therapy, I'd do those last.  But, if they're treatments for screenplays, that's another thing all together.  I know having many stories on your mind or written down (or at least electronically typed and saved on a hard drive or disc that may one day be printed), can appear to be somewhat overwhelming, especially if you can't seem to find the time to work on them or complete them or, better yet, turn them into screenplays.  Throw in deadlines from producers and you can come up with quite a pressure cooker (or "cooking pressure," depending on who's cooking and who's doing the pressuring).  So, how do you handle all of that?  It can even seem that, the more you allow your imagination to run, more and more stories come crowding in, making you fear that some of the gems of your previous stories will somehow leak out your ears or through the tiny pores of your skull (do skulls have pores?  Hey, that gives me another idea (among my many) for another horror flick:

The Porous Skull!!

I really should stop thinking of all these ideas for horror screenplays.  Wait, even better:

The Skull With Pores!!

There I go again.  See, Oliver?  You're not the only one with TMSS (Too Many Stories Syndrome).  It affects many writers.  I believe it's an epidemic.  Haven't you ever been to one of those writers' conventions and seen thousands of them hysterically running from booth to booth, from producer to producer?  Have you Looked closely at the expression on most of their faces?  You're looking at TMSS.  Or, they may have another, related, disease that you don't want to confuse with TMSS.  They could have, and God help them if they do... TMUSS.  Too Many Unsold Screenplays Syndrome.  Usually, you need a therapist for that one.

Or a good agent.

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