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This week's question: 

A producer is paying me good money to rewrite a script, but I don't even like the script.  Do you have any suggestions?

Denise from Tallahassee

This week's Answer: 

Making Sure The Money Is Good

Yes, Denise, I do.  Actually, I have a question for you:  Is there anything such as bad money?  The reason I ask you this is because I have heard of dastardly and conniving producers who are going around town paying lots of very bad, bad money to screenwriters.  They're paying lots of it and the money is "good" in the banks, but, still, word has it that the money is very bad.  I'm sure some of it is circulating through our economy even as we speak.  In fact, some of that bad money may have even reached Tallahassee, Florida!  Oh... my... God.  Even YOU may have touched it somehow!  Whatever you do, Denise, make sure that the producer who's paying you what you call "good money" isn't really paying you with bad money.  And don't be fooled.  Even though the producer may not call it a different name such as only "naughty money" or "really not good money" or, even, "money that was once good, but is not as good at the moment," don't be hoodwinked.  It's most likely...




All I can tell you is:  don't think, don't stop, just run.  Run as fast as those screenwriter's feet are able to carry you.  Get away and get away now.  Bad money is a-comin'.  And it's headed in YOUR direction.

But wait a minute.  I just realized what you indicated in your question.  Never mind.  You don't have to worry.  You won't have to deal with the problem at all.

You don't even like the script.  

Now, you could stop there, but I implore you to ask an even deeper, more important question (because remember what some famous, wise person said at one time during his wise life:  the answer is in the question -- whatever that means):

Does the script like you?



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