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This week's question: 

I get really good ideas, but the idea of writing a whole screenplay can be daunting, DcH.  What should I do?


This week's Answer: 


I understand your plight, Don.  A whole screenplay can be daunting.  I suggest you write half of a screenplay.  Although, that could have some specific consequences.

Consequences of Writing Half of a Screenplay

1.  You'll probably end up with only a first act and half of a second.

2.  Or a first act and a third act without a second.

3.  Or just a second act.

4.  You may only be able to get half a literary agent for your script.

5.  Your contract for a $100,000 sale of your script would also be half, and thus only $50,000 (which isn't half bad).

6.  Your script would take half the days to shoot.

7.  Half the distributors would screen the movie.

8.  In half the screening rooms.

9.  Your movie would be seen by half the viewers.

But take heart...

10. It would also be seen by half the critics.



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