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This week's question: 

Are these screenwriting seminars and networking meetings really necessary?

Getting Nowhere in the U.S.

This week's Answer: 

"Somewhere Over The Hollywood Sign"

Hello, Getting.  (I love your last name.  Are you by any chance related to Nowhere Man?  And, if so, my advice is the same as the Beatles:  Don't worry.  Take your time.  And... don't hurry, either.)  Or did you accidentally capitalize the "N" of "nowhere" and you're actually referring to the fact that you're getting nowhere in the United States?  If that be the case, you simply need some gas and a map.  That is, if you have a car or some kind of vehicle to get you where you want to go.  Or you could use your God-given legs and make your way across these here United States like Tom Hanks did in that movie about the less-than-remarkably-brilliant-yet-remarkably aware man who did just that.  Because he wasn't really worried all that much and knew how to take his time and not hurry, we could refer to him as a "somewhere man."

And, I guess that's what you want to be.  A "somewhere man."  Someone who is actually getting somewhere with his screenwriting career.  And you're asking if this somewhere where you want to get necessitates traveling through the Land of Screenwriting Seminars and The Networking Forest.  The answer is an emphatic...


Well... maybe.

It all depends.  What does it depend on?  I'm glad you asked.  It depends on how much you need what those seminars and networking activities are offering.  If you already know how to write a winning screenplay and don't feel the need to improve your screenwriting skills, then you definitely don't need any one telling you how to write a winning screenplay.  Forget them.  So what if they've sold scripts and you haven't?  So what if they want to impart valuable information gleaned from their individual experiences in the business?  Who are they to help you!?  I say the heck with all of them!!  And those networking come-ons.   Come on!  Who needs to meet other people in the very same business that he or she is in.?  What a ridiculous idea!  It's much better to sit at home completely isolated from anybody who could give you advice, a helping hand, a referral, or even -- God forbid -- a job.  I say play it safe.

I was just by chance thinking of another Beatles' song.

The Fool On The Hill.


*I just so happened to have recently attended Chris Soth's "Million Dollar Screenwriting" seminar (you can find his link on my links page) that I found extremely valuable and would recommend to screenwriters, especially those who want to "brush up their structure."


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