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This week's question: 

 What's the point of writing all my scripts if nobody is buying them?


This week's Answer: 

Pointing Out Pointlessness

Connie, that's an excellent question.  It seems to almost be a Zen koan (not "cone" because then it would be a Zen cone, which would bring to mind a Zen monk trying to eat from an ice cream cone and there's nothing really "Zenish" about that unless the monk was on a diet or the ice cream wasn't a flavor he likes or he had been forbidden by the Top Monk to not eat ice cream unless it wasn't from a cone or had been ordered to eat ice cream from a "cone that wasn't a cone."  

So, how does this help you with your question, Connie.  Not at all, really (unless you're willing to think of yourself as a Zen monk writing scripts that nobody will buy).

Does a tree falling in a woods with no one there make a sound?

Does a screenwriter write scripts that nobody buys?

And I don't think that many Zen monks have sold to Hollywood lately.  But that doesn't mean there's not a slew of them confined to their bleak cells, who wake up hours before early morning meditation, take out their secreted laptops and get down a few pages of their teen horrors or psychological thrillers or romantic comedies.

So if the monks can do it, following their rigid schedule, knowing that they probably won't be making a sale and:

meditate in the morning... eat breakfast... work in the garden... write three pages... make bread... eat lunch... do story development for the next script... meditate in the afternoon... work in the fields... write three more pages... eat dinner... etc...

I don't understand why we ALL can't.



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