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This week's question: 

With so many remakes going on, what chance does a virgin screenwriter have these days to make it?

Sarah L. 

This week's Answer: 

Make it again, Sam

Dearest Sarah, there's really no need to reveal the state of your sexuality, but thank you for your trust, and possibly I could give you a call at a later-- Oh!  Virgin screenwriter.  I see.  Never mind.

I do appreciate your message, but, really, there haven't been that many remakes lately.  Your words leave me feeling somewhat BEWITCHED and wanting to call my friends, STARSKY AND HUTCH, who is a bigamist and married to all THE STEPFORD WIVES, one of whom was running for office as the MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, and always wears a flowing CAPE.  FEAR not, Sarah, for there just haven't been that many remakes lately.

I do empathize with your concerns concerning this concern (not to be redundant or repetitive in any way), being that Hollywood does seem to have a strong propensity, inclination, partiality, proclivity, predisposition, predilection, and a propensity to repeat itself.  To repeat, duplicate, and sometimes repeat itself, that is.  We all know the basic reason for the remaking of films has to do with the lack of willingness of producers to take risks, along with their willingness to rake in all that dough from profits from remakes.  It's as though Hollywood is saying, "All those baby boomers with all that stowed away cash from when the stock market and real estate was more of a sure thing and when the Internet was a cash cow with endless dot com milk, they must be feeling pretty nostalgic right about now.  I know:  Let's show them the same shows they've already seen a long time ago, but make them this time with color (if the originals were in black and white) or with more glitz or more violence or with just all round poorer screenwriting.  How about that!?"


But I wouldn't let this state of film affairs stop you, Sarah, or any screenwriter who happens to be reading this treatise.  There will always be a visionary producer who is looking for material that is NOT, and I repeat, NOT, looking for same ol' same ol', but rather for that which is original, innovative, novel, inventive, creative, new, unusual, imaginative,  and very, very, very...


And let's at least be thankful that they're not filming the remakes.  Then we'd have a new word in the Hollywood lexicon that would be popping up in Variety and Hollywood Reporter...




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