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Updated May 9, 2005

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This week's question: 

I am an exceptionally talented screenwriter, but I can't seem to make it in this business.  Can you advise?

Arthur S. from the big apple

This week's Answer: 

ďAn Exception to the Exception "

Arthur, I'm so glad you wrote and asked a question that many screenwriters are probably also thinking -- or telling their friends and family and anybody else who will listen (including their therapist).  It can be very frustrating to "not make it."  Let us look at this "making it" concept, shall we? 

I think the best place to start is with what "making it" means to you.  For a "exceptionally talented screenwriter," like yourself (I use quotes not to question your veracity, but only to quote you verbatim, which is much better than questioning your verbatim and quoting your veracity), I'll assume that you mean selling many of your screenplays for substantial sums of money, become a name in this industry, receive at least an Oscar or two, and not have to make reservations at posh restaurants around town.

Well, obviously, Arthur, the problem doesn't lie with you.  You're already an "exceptionally talented screenwriter."  Oh, by the way:  Have you written some exceptional scripts?  And have you gotten those exceptional scripts out there to as many people in the business who know how to recognize exceptionally talented screenwriters?  I'll assume that you have on both counts.  So, then... where does the problem lie?  Obviously... 

Your Agent

And if you happen to not have an agent at this time who recognizes you as an exceptionally talented screenwriter, I suggest you find an exceptionally talented agent who will recognize you as an exceptionally talented screenwriter.  In fact, you when you send your screenplays in, they could look like this:


 "Exceptional Script"

by Arthur S. (an exceptionally talented screenwriter)






contact:  my exceptionally talented agent




Just an idea.  Not an exceptionally talented one, though.

Oh, and Arthur... You might want to think of moving.  Living in an apple, even a big one, might not be where you want to be to be recognized as an exceptionally talented screenwriter.  At least think of moving to a bigger place, like a cantaloupe or... a watermelon.  Hey, here's an idea:  Why not move to New York City!?



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