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This week's question: 

Happy Easter!  Do you think Easter could be a good setting for a movie?

Ahalia the Middle East

This week's Answer: 

Vernally Venting

Ahalia, what an interesting query.  Easter as a setting for a film, which I assume you're considering writing.  Truly, that time of the year has not been used as a backdrop for screenplays as many times as other holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's, etc.  You might have something there.  Easter comes at the beginning of spring, and spring is a wonderful time to shoot films.  Less snow that way.  Producers would probably favor a script that allows them, the cast, and crew, and all those attached to the film who will be on location to be on location at a location that is pleasant.  And what's a more pleasant location than one located where it's spring?  Some excellent environs come to mind, environs filled with flowers, green grass, gentle spring showers, bright and clear skies.  Julie Andrews running through the alive-with-music hills.  I mean, just think how "The Sound of Music" would have probably tanked if it was shot during the winter.  And, referring to another musical, "Carousel" (not that I'm saying you have to write a musical, Ahalia -- although, God -- or Allah or whatever Great Director In The Sky you happen to believe in (I like to think of God as a cross between Orson Wells and Cecil B. DeMille, wearing a beret and shouting directions through his megaphone at us below (("Keep the extras moving!  More Action!)) -- knows we could use another good one), how would spring bust out all over if it wasn't spring?  You can't winter all over, or summer all over.  Maybe you can fall all over.  But then you'd just see all the dancers falling all over.  And that, my dear, Ahalia, wouldn't be a pretty picture.  Of course, if you do use the vernal time in your screenplay, the producer will need to get the film shot quickly enough.  He'll have only so many days.  If his director doesn't work fast, you and I and all the world knows what a dire calamity could occur.

Spring could become sprung.

And that, also... is not a pretty picture.



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