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This week's question: 

Outside my window now, they're cutting down this beautiful tree.  Sometimes I feel like that tree, being "cut down" over and over again by this industry.  Do have any words of encouragement?

Lauren from Scotland

This week's Answer: 

Nobody Can "Cut" You Down

Lauren, thank you very much for your question.  It can be very hard to lose a good friend like a tree.  They are amazing life entities, are they not?  Giving shade, oxygen, affording a place to sit under and contemplate, providing sanctuary for birds.  Dropping branches and themselves on homes and cars.  The list goes on.  I also empathize with you about getting the "ax" by an often "Paul Bunyon On Speed" kind of industry, whose job often seems to be the clearing of entire "forests" as quickly as possible.  My words of encouragement so that you don't feel like one of those that are felled with no concern from the "feller," so you don't fall too hard or too long, are as follows:


1.  Maintain a positive outlook as much as possible when it comes to your craft and career.

2.  If you're in a forest, never stay in one place too long without moving -- UNLESS you hear the cry, "TIMBER!"  Then run as fast as you can.

3.  Unplug all chainsaws.

4.  Realize that its only somebody else's opinion (even if that person with the opinion happens to be the very person who can make or break your career -- which he or she can't -- unless you say he or she can -- and, if you do, then he or she can.  I hope that's perfectly clear.)

5.  Stop going as a tree to costume parties.

6.  And if you have to be a tree, be a redwood and outlast them all.



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