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This week's question: 

How do I keep it together when I have creditors at my door and still haven't  sold one single screenplay?  

Arnold from Montana

This week's Answer: 

Screenwriter Deserves "Credit"

Arnold, I "feel" you.  I suggest that you invite your creditors in and find out if any of them is an agent or producer -- which could definitely be the case if your domicile happened to be in the greater Los Angeles area because everybody in LA has a "B" job that has something to do with the entertainment field.  My mailman is really a screenwriter; the newspaper delivery man is really a dancer; a waiter I know is really an actor (who has played waiters in some wonderful restaurant scenes), so why couldn't a creditor in tinsel town really be something else, too?  If one of the creditors at your door happened to be a producer, he could even option your script for a dollar, promise you backend money, not pay it to you, and you could eventually sue him and, one day, be at his door (allegorically speaking, that is).

But, alas, being that you're in Montana, chances are that those creditors at your door are actual, bona fide creditors without jobs or aspirations in the entertainment field.  You could show them your screenplay to see if any of them is interested in investing in your project.  You never know when you're going to find a creditor in Montana who has always had a hankering to get involved in show biz.  Maybe you could create a cartel of them, each of them investing part of the nut necessary to produce your script.  You could start a company, "Creditors Cartel."  That would definitely be turning lemons into lemonade.  Or demands for payment into payment.  Something like that.

Or... you could humbly and simply mention that you're glad they (the creditors) have arrived because they've saved you stamps and/or some phone calls since you want to borrow  $5,000,000 to produce your screenplay, yourself.

I'm sure they'll love the idea.



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