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Updated Nov 27, 2018 


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This week's question

I want to write another "Memento". How do I do that?

Carson from the U.S.

This week's Answer

A Memento For Not Writing Memento

That's an easy one, Carson. Just get a hold of the "Memento" script, copy it, and call it "Memento - The prequel to the sequel". That will confuse script readers so much that they won't realize they're actually reading the original script. Or... since it's a story about tracing what happened in the past step by step, rewrite "Memento" forwards. Step by step. That way, even though you'd be plagiarizing and could be sued if the script was purchased and even produced, you could walk in backwards into the courtroom to gain jury sympathy. I think that should work fine. But, just so you're aware: A lot of judges don't look favorably at plagiarism.

But hopefully you can keep your prison uniform as a memento.

Doug Herman



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