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This week's question

Script Advisor, I just finished a screenplay, which I think is really good. But now I don't know what to do next. Do you have any suggestions?

This week's Answer: 

Writing After Writing

Yes, Bernie, I do have a number of suggestions about what you could do next.

1) As many screenwriting teachers and screenwriters propose, immediately start writing another script or, even better, have already started another script and jump into that one right away, thereby you keep writing. It's like jumping from one horse to another and never stop riding. (If you happened to be typing on a laptop while riding and jumped onto another horse, then you'd never stop writing and riding.)

2. Decide that you can never write a better screenplay than the one you just wrote and vow to never write again. And to remind yourself that you've made that important vow, be sure to write it down. (Although... then you would have written again, right? Oh, well. I guess you're writing again.)

3. Decide to never write ever again, but when your left brain is sleeping, have your right brain sneak over to your laptop and write a screenplay. (It's like the idea of the left hand not  knowing what the right hand is doing. But in this case it's brains.)

4. Market the screenplay you just wrote, letting all your contacts know you've written a winner. Although they  may have all also just written a winner screenplay and they're busy marketing. And, while you're waiting to hear back from your queries to producers...

You might as well write another screenplay.

Douglas Herman

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