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Updated Sept 19, 2019

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Updated Sept 19, 2019

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This week's question

Should I do a web series or just keep writing screenplays?


This week's Answer: 

To Web or just "Wight"

Well, you could write a screenplay about doing a web series. Or do a web series about writing screenplays? Hey, your web series could be in the horror genre: "Screenwriter from Hell!" Tag line: Once you're inside his screenplay, there's no FADE OUT.

I really can't answer that question for you except my suggestion would be to ask you where your heart is. Or your passion. Or, what I like to call your "drive". Does it quicken those chemicals within you when you think about creating and producing a web series? If so, I would definitely pay attention to that. Or does it excite you more to consider writing another screenplay? Which one feeds that creative fire within you right now?

Or you can write a screenplay about doing a web series. Hey, I've got it:

"Web Series Writer from Hell."

Doug Herman

Script Advisor



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