Sample Coverage (Cont'd): Thrill of the Kill / Page 3

SYNOPSIS (Second Page)

They split apart in order to draw off the unknown watcher, allowing Graydon to leave to continue his investigation. The watcher approaches Kelly and turns out to be HANK DUGAN, 42, a frequent customer at the bar and a former boyfriend of Alison, who admits to following Kelly in order to protect her. Graydon shows Kelly the apartment building where Alison stayed when she was Senator Shoemaker's mistress. Kelly finds Senator Shoemaker at a banquet, divulging that she knows where he and Alison trysted. The senator tells Kelly that a certain word in Alison's diary, which Kelly believes refers to the name of the man with whom Alison was having an affair, may be referring to a particular controversial bill. When Kelly and Graydon are sitting in her vehicle outside, Shotola appears and tells her to stop investigating her sister's death. Kelly confronts Shotola, refusing to buckle under. Graydon urges Kelly to stay with a friend for protection and boards a train for New York City. At the bar, Kelly is told that Alison suddenly cut off her relationship with Hank after meeting somebody new. Staying at Kelly's, Linda is attacked by an intruder with gloved hands who anaesthetizes her. When Kelly arrives, she discovers Linda in Alison's former bedroom, lying on the bed, her mouth and eyes taped shut and her body covered in ketchup, along with a note from somebody threatening Kelly if she does not let her sister rest in peace. Graydon calls Kelly, telling her that Senator Shoemaker does not have an alibi for Alison's murder. Graydon meets with his agent. Shotola accosts Kelly, advising her to not blackmail the senator. When Shotola offers her $50,000, she slaps him.

Kelly spots somebody spying on her from outside her home. After securing her house, she spots the intruder outside her bedroom window. Graydon calls her, Kelly telling him that she is hearing the intruder enter her house. Graydon appears in her bedroom on his cell-phone, having used the key Kelly gave her, revealing that he killed Alison, her being the victim he wrote about in his book. He discloses to Kelly that he only pretended that somebody was chasing them the other night, and that it was he who later chased Kelly off the road. Graydon explains that he accepted Kelly's offer to help in order to find out if there was any way the police would be able to connect him to Alison's murder. He reveals that he is the one who attacked Linda in order to set up an alibi when he was in New York. He tells Kelly that he will kill her and travel back to New York to make his alibi airtight.

When he tries to stick her with a hypodermic needle, Kelly knocks it out of his grasp with a ski pole. When she pushes past him, he tackles her, inciting a struggle between them. Just as Graydon is about to strangle her to death, Hank appears and knocks him down with a shotgun. Hank tells Kelly that he has been following her. Kelly convinces Hank not to shoot Graydon. When she is away, phoning for assistance, she hears shotgun blasts, and returns to discover that Graydon has stabbed Hank. Hank apologizes to Kelly before he drops dead. Kelly runs off as Graydon fires at her and misses. Kelly jumps off her sundeck, turns her ankle, and runs away. Graydon exits the house and pursues her through some woods. Kelly enters a barn by squeezing through a narrow opening. Graydon shoots the lock on the barn and walks inside, announcing that one of them will have to die. Kelly knocks Graydon off his feet with a rope, and causes bales of hay to fall on him. She reaches the barn door, but changes her mind about fleeing, and, instead, turns back and sticks a pitchfork in him, causing him to drop the shotgun, which she retrieves. When Graydon dares her to kill him and reaches for the gun, she shoots him dead. Kelly leaves the barn and heads back home.

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