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A male predator prowls a nightclub, identifying himself to us as a killer and targeting NICOLE, 25.  Nicole is seen stretched out on a bed, lips taped shut, her eyes taped open, her wrists bound over her head. Gloved hands produce a series of medical instruments. The hands use scissors to cut off her clothing and reach for a scalpel.

The male predator's voice turns out to belong to GRAYDON JENNINGS, 39, who is reading from his book, "Thrill of the Kill," to a crowd in a bookstore where he eventually participates in a book signing. Graydon, a best-selling author of books written from a serial killer's point of view, is a guest on a talk show. KELLY HOLDEN, 29, and LINDA CUMMINGS, 27, watch the talk show on a television in a bar where Kelly is a bartender. In the Vermont town where she lives, after running, Kelly stops at a bookstore and purchases Graydon's "Thrill of the Kill" and reads it voraciously. She meets Linda, telling her that there are many similarities between the way Nicole, the woman in the book, was murdered and the manner in which Kelly's sister, Alison, was murdered, and mentions that she is going to find Graydon in order to ask him to help her find her sister's killer. Kelly purposely runs into Graydon outside his New York City apartment building and asks him to look over Alison's case file, hoping to find a clue which will convince the police to reopen her case. He accepts her invitation and they take a train to Vermont; Kelly drives Graydon to her house, where he mentions that he somehow knows that Alison was killed there. While Graydon peruses Alison's diary, Kelly reveals that her sister was promiscuous. 

At the same bar, Kelly introduces Graydon to a former paramour of Alison's, a bartender working there, who was a suspect in Alison's death for a time. While Graydon is sleeping in Alison's former room, Kelly has a nightmare about being attacked in her home by an intruder who tells her that he killed Alison. Graydon detects that, in her diary, Alison often wrote a certain quote, which he researches, discovering that it is a quote uttered by a senator in a Shakespearean play. In Washington D.C., SENATOR DARREN SHOEMAKER, 50, the senator from Vermont, receives word that Kelly left a cryptic message regarding the quote from Alison's diary. The sheriff of the town hands over Alison's files to Kelly and Graydon, who pores over it. Kelly discloses that she was seeing the same man Alison was seeing. Graydon's research leads him to realize that the killer knew Alison. Senator Shoemaker clandestinely meets with RON SHOTOLA, 45, mentioning that Alison's sister, Kelly may be a problem and tells Shotola to quietly take care of it. Kelly and Graydon visit the nightclub where Alison was abducted. While driving back to Kelly's, Graydon indicates that a car is following them and speeds away, taking a sudden turn and losing it. Kelly tells Linda that it appears as though Alison was having an affair with a senator, who is probably Senator Shoemaker, and implies that he may have had something to do with her demise. Together, Kelly and Graydon realize that a doll viewed in a photograph of Alison's bedroom may have some significance, that being so especially because the name that Alison gave it is Senator Shoemaker's first name.

Shotola comes into the bar when Kelly is working, revealing that he knows her name before he disappears. Driving home, somebody in a car chases Kelly, forcing her to steer into a ditch after she barely avoids smashing into a pickup truck. Kelly and Graydon travel to another Vermont town and visit the shop that sold the doll, but are unable to connect it to the senator. Kelly travels with Graydon to Senator Shoemaker's office at the state capitol, but is told that he is unavailable. Senator Shoemaker tells his assistant to be certain that Kelly and Graydon leave his building. Due to Graydon's idea, Kelly corners Senator Shoemaker in the men's room, showing him the doll. Senator Shoemaker admits that he had an affair with Alison for almost a year, but when Kelly accuses him of murdering her, he retracts his statement, making it clear that he is not going to let the affair be made public. Graydon spots somebody following Kelly while he is with her in a park.

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