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Updated July 9, 2018

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Turning Your Script Into A Page Turner 

These days, the only way to get a producer -- who never has enough time--to actually read your script beyond the first few pages is to make sure your script is a page turner.

Every page -- not just some -- has to engross and practically compel your reader to turn the page all the way to your "FADE OUT".

That's exactly what I do: show you how to turn your script into a page turner. 


This is DEVELOPMENT FOR REWRITE to put your script in the best position for the quickest sale.

Turn Your First 10 Pages Into A Page Turner

 Extensive Page by Page Notes To Show You How


Just email first 10 pages



This is a site where you, the screenwriter, can find professional assistance and screenwriting help for your screenplay by an experienced and supportive script consultant, story analyst, script advisor and screenwriter.

IMPORTANT: Unless you're a cousin of Spielberg or have some other connection to a producer, you'll most likely going to need a page turner script to make your first sale, a script that has a producer saying, "I've got to have this."

The 3 steps that can take you there:

Step One: Have a great logline. An original, compelling sentence or two that absolutely compels a producer to ask for the next step, which is often...

Step Two: Have a great one-page synopsis. One written so superbly and so engagingly that a producer will ask for your script. (Many producers will not spend over an hour reading a script unless they know and like your storyline first. Ergo: the necessity for an engaging synopsis.

Step Three: Have a page-turner script (and I mean every page. You normally have one shot to wow a producer to the point that even before he's finished reading it, he/she's already thinking casting and who the director is going to be when they shoot your script.

(*I was a story analyst and I know that a producer's reader and/or a producer is looking for the first story problem, the first place where a script loses its dramatic/comedic tension, where interest is lost, so they can say "pass!" You don't want that to happen.

 JUST CLICK ON MY SERVICES PAGE AND I'LL SHOW YOU HOW. click on my services pagesand I will show you how.

Every Monday there will be something new on this site to help the screenwriter reach that goal: making your script a page turner.  

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Script consultant, script advisor, story analyst, script doctor, screenplay advisor, script  mentor, screenrewriter:  All names for the thorough screenwriting and script consulting assistance you, the screenwriter, will receive here from a dedicated, professional script consultant / story analyst / script advisor / screenrewriter.

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