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Updated Nov 27, 2018

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Turning Your Script Into A Page Turner 

These days, the only way to get a producer -- who never has enough time--to actually read your script beyond the first few pages is to make sure your script is a page turner.

Every page -- not just some -- has to engross and practically compel your reader to turn the page all the way to your "FADE OUT".

That's exactly what I do: show you how to turn your script into a page turner. 


This is DEVELOPMENT FOR REWRITE to put your script in the best position for the quickest sale.

What many screenwriters don't know: Your first 10 pages are crucial because, by page 10, the reader has decided to read or stop reading your script.

Turn Your First 10 Pages Into A Page Turner

 Extensive Page by Page Notes To Show You How


Just click her to email first 10 pages



This is a site where you, the screenwriter, can find professional assistance and screenwriting help for your screenplay by an experienced and supportive script consultant, story analyst, script advisor and screenwriter.

IMPORTANT: Unless you're a cousin of Spielberg or have some other connection to a producer, you'll most likely going to need a page turner script to make your first sale, a script that has a producer saying, "I've got to have this."

The 3 steps that can take you there:

Step One: Have a great logline. An original, compelling sentence or two that absolutely compels a producer to ask for the next step, which is often...

Step Two: Have a great one-page synopsis. One written so superbly and so engagingly that a producer will ask for your script. (Many producers will not spend over an hour reading a script unless they know and like your storyline first. Ergo: the necessity for an engaging synopsis.

Step Three: Have a page-turner script (and I mean every page. You normally have one shot to wow a producer to the point that even before he's finished reading it, he/she's already thinking casting and who the director is going to be when they shoot your script.

(*I was a story analyst and I know that a producer's reader and/or a producer is looking for the first story problem, the first place where a script loses its dramatic/comedic tension, where interest is lost, so they can say "pass!" You don't want that to happen.

 JUST CLICK ON MY services page AND I'LL SHOW YOU HOW. click on I will show you how.

Mondays are a good time to check for one of my new blogs to help you, the screenwriter, reach that goal: making your script a page turner. (And also to help you not take this screenwriting business too seriously.)  

Script consultant, script advisor, story analyst, script doctor, screenplay advisor, script  mentor, screenrewriter:  All names for the thorough screenwriting and script consulting assistance you, the screenwriter, will receive here from a dedicated, professional script consultant / story analyst / script advisor / screenrewriter.

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